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The small surprise

I was churched young and regularly in the United Church of Canada. Baptized on the 27th of March, 1955 in the Chapel of St. Barbara, Shiloh, Manitoba. But if you are intimidated by my Christian accreditation, don’t be. And if you are interested in being baptized, let me know. Remember I was in and, perhaps more importantly to who I am in Christ today, out of the church community for significant parts of my life. Learning about the real world, so to speak.

But this beautiful morning I want to share one of the lessons I learned as a child of 6 at a fundraiser in the basement of the Oromocto United Church in New Brunswick. It was a grab bag situation. I got to choose between something kind of big and something quite a bit smaller. I chose the larger bag without question. I was disappointed in its contents of which I don’t recall. But I do recall my mother telling me immediately afterward that often times what is small has more value than something bigger. I don’t remember her exact words but I remember the lesson.

Upon my return to the office this week after being sick there was a small envelope awaiting me. It came from the daughter of a friend of mine named Karen from NB. Karen had died in an accident the day before my 65th birthday. Tarah and her sister Jen came across this small locket and wanted me to have it. I am happy they thought of me. I think of their mischievous mother often, really often. And I wore the alb she wore as an Anglican Lay Reader when I served communion this month.

The prayer inside is a small surprise. One of those small things of great value my mother taught me about. It reads: I said a prayer for you today. For guidance in all you do and say. May what we do and say today be guided by love. And may we teach nothing but love to the smallest amoung us.

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