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A not-so-young United Church Minister recently relocated to Amherst, Nova Scotia casually engages the mysterious threads of the Christian life as they are revealed through her relationships with God and the world God so loves, including people, creatures, the planet, the church, and the Word made flesh. All in hopes of creating conversation surrounding the good news.

Susan Gamblin

Reverend, Trinity-St. Stephen's United Church





1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.



1. add new material to or regularly update a blog.


It is such a pleasure to invite you into my first blog named, “follow me.”


With this blog I hope to casually engage miscellaneous threads of life as they appear or emerge from my memory or my relationship with God and the world God so loves through people, creatures, creation, and, of course, all shared through the lens of my Christian faith.


Check in regularly as I will be contributing something most days, but not every day. Some days I may blog more than once. Some days I may simply post a photo. For clarity, this is not intended to be a daily devotion. Or a devotion at all. Nor am I satisfying a need to teach you with this blog. This is all about me sharing my personal theological thoughts with you knowing the Holy Spirit will use them for your good and the good of others in some mysterious way. And this will also be a way for you to get to know and hopfully understand your “new” minister better.


I feel I should disclose all of my blogs will not be uplifting. They will be real. They will not be lineal. They will not be heavily edited, as are my Sunday messages.


So, if you are up to share the epiphanies and ordinaries of life with Rev. Susan Gamblin, "follow me!"

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